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About us



A Family Affair

Valura Chocolate was established in 2021 from our family's deep-rooted love for chocolate. We have blended together not only our two cultures, French and Kiwi, into the craft chocolate making process but also into our name, Valura, which represents where we are from, Valenciennes, France and Papakura, New Zealand.


Ethically Sourced Beans

From the beginning, Valura Chocolate has dedicated itself to sustainable sourcing. Great tasting chocolate begins with responsibly sourced cacao beans. The preservation of the environment, the welfare of the farmers and local cacao growing communities, as well as the unique flavour notes each cacao region brings to the palate, are all priorities when considering the origins of cacao for our bars.


Commitment to Excellence

Prioritizing small-batch production guarantees that each chocolate bar is meticulously crafted to the highest standard.  Each step in the bean-to-bar process, roasting, grinding, aging and tempering is infused with love and care, ensuring that each chocolate bar delivers an unforgettable taste experience.

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